The CCLR: environment, economy, and saving the world

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Selecting a worthy charity to donate your hard earned money to can be a difficult task. It’s not often that you find an organization that helps people, the environment and the center for creative land recycling bamboo dress stwaeconomy. The Center for Creative Land Recycling (CCLR) accomplishes all of these goals by recycling urban wastelands called “brownsfields.” Brownsfields are properties contaminated with hazardous substances and pollutants that make reuse, redevelopment and expansion extremely complicated. They are underused and abandoned industrial and commercial facilities that take up a lot of urban space.

The existence of brownsfields can have a lot of negative consequences on the environment. A growing problem in the modern era that contributes to environmental degradation and increased carbon emissions is “urban sprawl.” These large unused spaces push development away from urban centers and deeper into surrounding suburban and rural areas. This creates longer commutes for drivers, eats up natural resources, and destroys local ecosystems. Allowing this land to go to waste will only result in making more land into waste. A sustainable future relies heavily on the containment of urban sprawl, and recycling brownsfields is the best way to protect environmental resources from human development; while enhancing the processes of development.

The CCLR protects the environment but not at the cost of businesses or the local infrastructure.bamboo dress and apparel eco friendly fashion In fact, quite the opposite occurs when a brownsfield is recycled for redevelopment. Housing communities, parks and businesses are developed that help revitalize local communities. Formerly impoverished, underused, and fragmented areas are transformed into clean and operational community centers that contribute positively to the local economy.

The CCLR has found a way to make the environmentbamboo dress sustainable fashion helps support cclr more sustainable, and the economy more efficient. The positive affects that brownsfield recycling can have is unfathomable. By supporting this cause we can truly help everyone on the planet while contributing to local communities. There are many ways to save the world, but creative land recycling creates a best-case scenario that is impossible to ignore. That's why we've chosen our environmentally sustainable “Flight of Change” bamboo dress to help support their mission. If we can change our relationship with the environment, we can find a way to live in harmony with Mother Nature once again.


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