Saving The World, our name and why we chose it

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Q: Why Saving The World? Isn't that a stretch?

There are occasions where people will look at the name Saving The World Apparel and think to themselves "what a pretentious and bold claim." It's a natural reaction to assume that a clothing company that's claiming to "save the world" is doing so as some type of over the top marketing scheme or grand joke. This company is not joking about it's intended purpose. it's clear that today's apparel and fashion industry is leading the world down a path of injustice, suffering and environmental degradation. From heavy plastic based inks, to sweatshop labor in newly industrialized countries, the textile industry is spinning out of control while the demand for cheaply made goods only continues to rise. sweatshop free ethical t-shirts and apparel for charity95% of apparel items purchased in the U.S. are made overseas where labor is cheap and the rules can be broken in the name of bottom line profit strategies. Sweatshop conditions and wages are subhuman, yet young women and children make up the majority of the international textile work force. The factories are unsafe and the energy sources used to run them are unclean. Coal powered sweatshop labor should not be a satisfactory method for the production of the majority of textiles bought in the U.S. This company was started because the apparel and fashion industry is developing an unsustainable future and economic injustice throughout the world. If this trend is not resisted the suffering of innocent people and damage caused to the environment will be immense. Our socially responsible company has a strong focus on sharing information and ideas that are meant to spread awareness, compassion and positivity. These are progressive tools that we believe in, and we work hard to ensure that our apparel items reflect these ideas. Our products are made in the U.S. and Canada 100% sweatshop free. We print with water based eco-friendly dyes and recycle anything possible in our print shop. We make socially responsible clothing because it's the right thing to do, and we spread the message about it because if everyone worked towards the advancement of an ethical economy the world would be a much different place.

Q: But can a t-shirt really "save the world?"

We agree that selling and informing people about socially responsible clothing alone has a slim chance of "saving the world." That's why we decided to take our idea even further. By supporting sweatshop industries consumers are also supporting what we refer to as "negative human consciousness." we can save the world by changing what we buyThe most important vote you can make is the vote made with your dollar. By purchasing sweatshop clothing we are voting for the oppression of innocent people and the destruction of our environment which directly contributes to negative consciousness and negative outcomes for both the producer and the buyer. It perpetuates a system of apathy and destruction that must be reversed in order to achieve a brighter future. To reverse this trend we knew that our apparel products needed to have causes behind them in order to promote positive human consciousness that could foster stwa yoga apparel helps support the global empowerment of womenempathy and love for one another; even total strangers living on opposite sides of the world. Each one of our products helps benefit world changing charitable organizations with a donation. You can become a vehicle for real change just by changing what you wear. We're here to spread good vibes with our stylish and fun products so that you can look good while you contribute to positive human consciousness. If we can affect human consciousness with a tangible idea, we can change the world for the better.

Q: If you believed that people would think the name is pretentious why use it?

During our initial development we toyed around with names like "Changing the World T-Shirts" and "Green Mountain charity apparel." However, we soon came to realize that if our name reflected goals that were quiet and unassuming that people would see our efforts as being just that. We're taking a bold stance and we're working towards bold goals, our team has many causes dear to our hearts that we believe can alter human history with enough support and awareness.why am i here social cause t shirt for charity We decided that if we believed that our company could "save the world" with socially responsible t-shirts and apparel for charity, that we should do our best to make others see the same vision. The name Saving The World Apparel directly reflects the aspirations of our team. We're aiming really high and we may never truly get to where we want to be, but we can make ripples that will one day transform into waves. We ask that you leave the cynicism towards our name behind, look a bit deeper and you may just discover something that you truly identify with. Join us and find out how good it feels to put on apparel that's working towards a better future. 

Saving The World Apparel
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