The Story of Stuff

Posted on October 08, 2013 by Korey Johnson | 0 Comments

Why you must watch this 21 min. video

Have you recently stopped cold in the middle of the frantic pace of the modern world to ask yourself why things feel a bit funny? Why happiness seems a little harder to come by? Why work seems to consume more and more of our lives? There is a common problem in the way that American culture is presented and how it operates. This 21 minute video explains in an elementary manner the ways in which our instant gratification consumer driven society is harming our happiness, the happiness of others, the environment, and the future of our children. The argument presented in The Story of Stuff will make you rethink the decisions you make everyday and that is not a bad thing. Our everyday choices shape the world around us so we must be conscious of the benefits and consequences of those choices. At the end of the day we all want to be happy right? So how can we make things better for ourselves? It all starts with a choice, so click play and take some time to learn about how you can vote for a better tomorrow everyday.



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