Meet The Team

President Stephanie Pierce

Stephanie is and always has been passionate, hard working, and caring. She's helped support this company financially, with her hard work, and with passionate ideas on how we can make positive change happen. She cares deeply about her local community in Southern Vermont and is an avid environmentalist, extreme snowboarder, white water kayaker, and karate enthusiast. Stephanie also spearheaded efforts to reach out to our local communities through ideas for River Clean-Ups, spot on fundraising efforts, and fantastic Random Acts of Kindness! She's also leading new efforts to develop an advanced line of sustainable and environmentally friendly products, the first of which is a stunning bamboo dress that has just been released! When asked what Saving the World Apparel means to her, Steph had this to say:  “I think it's about making the conscious effort to leave things in a better state than what was left to us. It’s not about saving the world really; it’s about trying to make it better in any way you can. If everyone thought about their relationship with the world in this way we would be able to achieve a brighter future.”


Vice President Brooke Johnson

Brooke has recently received her Bachelor's degree from Williams College. She is a history major and an All American track and field athlete. During her Sophomore year Brooke won New England’s Division three Triple Jump, and has been invited to Nationals several times. She's also just returned from Italy where she studied abroad and taught English to young Italian students. While in college Brooke tutored students at Brayton Elementary in North Adams and Mt Greylock Middle School in Williamstown MA. She believes in the power of hard work and that everyone can change their lives through determination: “What I have learned from my time being a student athlete is that you get out of it what you put into it.  Everything in life comes down to effort, how bad do you want it and how far are you willing to go to get it.” It's through this mentality that Brooke was able to balance being a student, an athlete, and the Vice President of a new social venture.  Her time management skills, dedication, and pure desire inspires everyone at Saving the World Apparel.


Co-Founder and owner Korey Johnson

A graduate of UVM, Korey founded this company with an unlikely companion and fellow banquet server; David Barton in 2010. He has worked tirelessly to make Saving The World Apparel develop into a vehicle for positive change. From creative writing to extreme snowboarding, Korey allows his passions to be the driving force of his work. He believes that the pen is mightier than the sword, and hopes to spread social awareness for amazing causes and the forces working against them on the STWA blog. Most recently he's developed a freestyle snowboarding team called "Shredders for Saving The World" to help promote the idea that you can change the world simply by changing what you wear. In his personal life, Korey is a lover of philosophy, extreme sports, poetry, karate and gardening. He's also a big advocate for making personal connections with everyone and anyone; if you'd like to contact him directly we guarantee you that he's excited to hear your thoughts-


Co-Founder David Barton

Dave also goes by the nickname “Dad.” As a father of twin boys he wants to invest in making the future a better place for his kids. Throughout his life so far, he's done a lot of interesting things. From achieving a commercial pilot’s license to design patents, running banquets in hotels to working for aircraft companies, he has truly seen it all. His journeyman life of interesting jobs and big ideas led him to co-find this company. Dave is truly an inspirational character. It doesn’t take much to get him to smile, and it takes even less to get him to laugh. After being in the same room with him for a few moments you'll suddenly find yourself smiling and laughing too. We recently sat down with the Saving the World Apparel Co-Founder and asked him about what issues matter to him the most: “I want to help people with life threatening illnesses. Diseases like cancer don’t care who you are, where you came from, or why you're here. There are people very dear to me who have battled cancer and who are still fighting it today. If we join our loved ones in this fight together we can help make tomorrow a better day.”



Model, Rep, and Shredder for Saving the World Shane Johnson 

Shane is Korey's older brother and snowboarding partner. Since the beginning of Saving the World Apparel he has invested time and funds to  help aid this company in it's mission to change the world. Shane is a long time freestyle snowboarding coach, alpine skier, tele skier, and has a level 2 certification from the American Association of Snowboarding Instructors. He's a staff trainer at Butternut but frequently finds himself at Mt. Snow and Stowe with his faithful riding buddy. In addition to his hard work at STWA, Shane also owns a carpentry business- Shane's Replace and Remodel. Well rounded, hard working, and uniquely philosophical, it's hard to find a boring moment around this guy. If you're ever at Butternut looking for a great ski/snowboard  lesson; Mr. Johnson is often available for requests.



Model, Rep, and extreme Unicyclist Sam Haber

Perhaps the coolest cat we've ever met. Sam Haber is an extreme unicyclist and owner of the Unicycle Lab. The most impressive aspect of Sam is his well roundedness and versatility. He films, edits, and rides for the majority of the Unilab videos. Passion is the main ingredient for Haber's game which is obvious if you've ever seen any of his amazing clips and movies. He's a high octane extreme sports artist, but also a socially conscious and compassionate person, which is why Sam chooses to represent Saving the World Apparel in many of his performances and videos. Sam is also a long time friend of Shane and Korey, who he met snowboarding at Ski Sundown in CT where all three began their careers as snowboarding instructors. Since then Sam has been many places on his journey to fulfill his dream of becoming a career unicyclist. His next stop? All Wheel Sports in Kings Dominion, VA to do unicycling performances 6 days a week.