Wholesale charity t-shirts and apparel

We've got high quality charitable clothing at an affordable price. Does your store need more buzz? Our trendsetting apparel is the perfect fit! If you're interested in opening a wholesale account with Saving the World Apparel please e-mail: team@savingtheworldapparel.com 

What can Saving The World Apparel do for your Business?

By choosing to offer items from Saving the World Apparel you will be showing customers that your business believes in buying local products that are 100% made in the U.S., that you care about not only your local community but also communities across the globe that need help. You will also be representing the steadily growing green movement by offering our sustainable and environmentally friendly apparel items. Selling our products is a great way to show customers that your business is investing in a positive, constructive and sustainable future.

What makes STWA “Local?” We print our designs on American Apparel and our famous bamboo dress is manufactured by Jerico; a socially conscious Canadian company. Every product is 100% sweatshop free. Our iconic designs are hand printed in Vermont. We have also made an effort to support local Boston charities to help your customers identify with the causes that we will be supporting by selling our items in your store.

What makes STWA “Green?” By investing in local products that are made here in America we reduce our impact on the environment by reducing oil consumption. Our apparel items are printed with water-based inks that are harmless to the environment. Each item is tagged with paper made from 100% recycled materials, and each tag explains the story of the product and the positive impact that a purchase will make.

How does STWA give back to the community? For every item sold, we donate a generous portion of our profits to non-profit organizations that we research and analyze. We make donations to local, national, and global non-profits. In addition, our team is constantly involved in community fundraisers and we volunteer our time for several local non-profits in VT. We also promote causes by utilizing blogs and social media to help promote a knowledgeable pursuit of good! Every time that our team does something positive for others your business will benefit and our efforts will be reflected back on to you!

What about quality? STWA products are of the highest quality. Our apparel items are printed with water-based inks that create soft to the touch designs that don’t fade in the wash. The material of our clothing is soft, comfortable and durable. When a customer tries on one of our products, the difference in quality is felt immediately. STWA will get your customers back in the store for repeat purchases because value is something that we take seriously.

e-mail team@savingtheworldapparel.com to request a full catalog