Hemp can Save the World t-shirt

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Order your hemp t-shirt today and help spread the word that hemp can save the world! Over 50,000 products including biodiesel fuel for cars can be made from hemp. A sustainable, oxygen producing plant, hemp can grow in most global climates. Unlike marijuana, hemp cannot be used as a recreational drug because of it's lack of THC. It can however; replace all petroleum based products, provide an excellent health food source, be used as medicine, clothing and treeless paper. Soft, durable and stylish, these eco-friendly hemp tees will quickly become your favorite shirts to wear:

  • Made in America sweatshop free (60% hemp viscose 40% organic cotton)
  • Eco-friendly natural fibers
  • Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic 
  • Printed with eco-friendly water based dyes
  • Softer feel than traditional cotton
  • Enhanced durability and breathability
  • 10% of profits are donated to Vote Hemp

What Your Donation Means:

Vote hemp is the nation's leading hemp advocacy group. This non-profit organization spreads awareness and incites political action for the legalization of hemp agriculture in the U.S. For too long prohibition has existed as a corrupt mechanism to protect competing industries such as petroleum, paper, nylon, cotton, and plastics. All of these industrial materials are extremely harmful to the environment whereas hemp is all natural, oxygen producing, sustainable, and easy to grow organically. To make real change happen we have to educate as many people as we possibly can about the injustice of hemp prohibition in America. Buy a hemp t-shirt today and help spread the message that HEMP CAN SAVE THE WORLD!!!


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